Chelsea Handler's advice about handling jealousy is great for tweens and teens

Jealousy is tough as an adult, and it’s tricky to know just how to help our kids deal with it. It’s normal, of course, especially in the tween and teen years when there is a great amount of peer comparison, but it’s also not an emotion that you want to let take over.

This video featuring comedienne Chelsea Handler is a great one to watch and discuss with your kids on the subject of jealousy and how to deal with it. I admit that I’ve never thought of her as a helpful parenting resource, and in face didn’t watch the video right away because I was wary,  but the experience and wisdom she shares are valuable.

My favorite quotes that I hope my teen takes to heart:

“What you have no one else has so there will be a place for you. Don’t think that because someone got something that you’re not going to get soething else. There’s room for everybody.”

“There is always a space for you because there is no one that’s exactly like you.”

“I never, ever blow out someone else’s candle to make mine brighter.”

I also love that when Handler shared her feelings with her sister, her sister didn’t shame her for feeling jealous and instead empathized, acknowledging that such feelings are completely natural and okay. I love the distinction between feeling a feeling and acting on it, something that is not easy but is important. That’s great about handling jealousy and a lot of other emotions.

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