Good advice for parents of high school freshmen

Good advice for parents of high school freshmen

Sending a kid off to high school is a big step for parents, especially when doing so for the very first time. Here’s some helpful advice from those who have recently been through it and are sharing their wisdom.

Think about what time is okay for a high school senior to come in a night.

Realize that every year you will want to move their curfew back a little bit in acknowledgment of their growing maturity and freedom. Then work backwards four years. If you start ninth grade at midnight, you will soon find yourself in trouble.”

from Dear Mom of High School Freshman on Grown & Flown

Think really hard before you speak. Any inkling that you’re ‘judging’ them or their friends, and you’re done. Practice restraint. . . .

“The best place for difficult talks is in the car. Limited eye contact allows for maximum honesty.”

from Freshman Orientation for Moms on

Attend Open House.

Your child will beg you not to attend Open House.  They will be correct when they tell you only freshman parents attend; however, there is good reason for that.  Freshman year is the time when students make a transition to teachers who are subject specialists, rather than education specialists.  This means that your child’s teacher will be more focused on teaching their specific curriculum than addressing individual learning issues.  The expectation is that your child keeps track of his or her assignments, does independent studying, seeks help when needed, and is prepared everyday.  The hand-holding part of teaching is over.  Attending Open House will enable you to clearly understand your child’s teacher’s expectations, so you can support them on the home front.  It is also nice to have a connection with the teacher in case your child struggles later.”

from Welcome to High School, Mom: Advice for Moms of Freshmen on

Be your child’s cheerleader.

Despite teenage bravado, early adolescence is when kids most need to have an adult who says, ‘I love you. I believe you. You’re a great kid.’ Be generous with praise and compliments whenever the opportunity presents itself; it will make the scoldings far more palatable.”

from 7 essential tips for parents of high school freshmen by on

Be a parent, not a pal.

High school comes with all kinds of social events; spectator games, dances, and proms. There will be parties, movies, and just hanging out. Set reasonable expectations regarding how many nights you want your child out and time of curfew. Monitor who they are with and where they are going, as well as what they are doing.”

from Guiding Our Children Through Transitions: High School on

Our kids are listening

It may seem like talking to a brick wall sometimes, but in reality your kids are listening. They hear what you’re saying about alcohol and they’re really listening. They know how it can effect their growing bodies, they know the legal rules, they understand that some people try to drink underage, and that others abuse alcohol. They hear you.”

from Changing the Narrative Around Alcohol: A Parent’s Guide on Ask Listen Learn

I’ve picked a favorite piece of advice from each of the articles, but there are other good pieces of info in each piece. What would you add?

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