8 favorite Facebook pages for parents of adolescents

8 favorite Facebook pages for parents of adolescents

A large majority of Americans get news and information through social media, and parents of teens and tweens are no exception. If you’re looking to keeping some good info flowing into your Facebook feed, here are some of my favorite Facebook pages for parents of adolescents.

They share great content that informs, amuses, supports and encourages those who parent, work with, or love tweens and teens.

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms – I love the ladies behind this blog and that they leave me feeling informed, understood, and grateful for both the humor and heart.

On Parenting from The Washington Post – This page covers parenting as a whole and while some of the material pertains to younger kids and even babies, chances you’ll find it relatable or interesting, and there’s a lot for parents of adolescents.

Ron Lieber and The Opposite of Spoiled – The Your Money columnist for the New York Times wrote the book, “The Opposite of Spoiled,” all about how, when & why to talk about money, and he shares good tips and interesting items here.

Grown & Flown – Here you’ll find very valuable info parents of high school and college students. If your kids are younger, it’s a good preview at what’s ahead if your kids are close to high school, and it may just make you appreciate junior high.

Ask, Listen, Learn – This page informs parents of kids ages 9-14 about the dangers of alcohol mixing with kids and offering guidance and practical advice on how best to have impactful conversations with kids about making healthy choices.

Tech Savvy Mama – I’m not the only person who appreciates this page, which helps parents navigate the ever-changing world of technology.

Challenge Success – Researchers at Stanford University work to provide schools and families with the information and strategies they need to create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for their kids.

Ten to Twenty Parenting – This site bills itself “as a place you can come to determine whether your teen/tween’s crazy behavior is normal.” I think we all need some help with that at some point, no?

Bonus Page:

Because while eight is enough, nine is better, right? And laughter is awesome, too, so check out Hedger Humor, which has been cracking me up.

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