What happened when I started the new year with no resolutions, no word, and no big plans

What happened when I started the new year with no resolutions, no word, and no big plans

Some years, I have awakened on New Year’s Day full of dreams, plans, and goals, and armed with both the energy and motivation to achieve them, usually in short order.

If you need an example, you can ask my poor husband about the time I decided to switch some rooms around in our home and had a mattress stuck in the hallway before his feet hit the ground on that first morning of the year.

Apparently, 2016 is not one of those years.

I started the new year with no resolutions, no word, and no big plans.

I’ve been beating myself up over that fact and trying to get myself going. I’ve been debating goals I want to set with my kiddo, like how to change the world together, maybe get her cooking more so that she’s completely able to handle herself in the kitchen, determining something we can all learn more about together as a family this year, or just figuring out what our “word” or “words” should be for the year.

But I got tired.

And realized that I still have a few lingering Christmas decorations to put away.

And I fell short.

I’ve been beating myself up over my lack of focus and goals for the coming year, which is apparently a really good use of time and a great way to accomplish items on my to do list. (Perhaps that last part isn’t true.)

It’s not that the start of the year has been a total waste around here. As a family, we’ve written thank you notes, watched a compilation of Disney short films that made us laugh and cry, visited the Money Museum, shared meals, organized board games, and stepped out on the glass ledge of the Skydeck of the Sears Tower (I know, I know, it’s the Willis Tower, but I’m old school.)

After typing that out, I feel like it’s a respectable way to spend the first week of the year, especially considering today brought the return to work and school.

I’m a strong supporter of living intentionally, but maybe that can happen more organically than I’ve realized in the past.

Despite me not literally spelling out a plan or guide, we’ve expressed gratitude, laughed, learned, gone on an adventure, and spent quality time together. I’d be thrilled if those were cornerstones of our family life this coming year.

Perhaps it’s that we now have a teenager at home, or that I’m mellowing, or our family is just changing and evolving, but the first six days of 2016 make me think that it’s going to be a really good year.

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