Tween Us is now Between Us Parents, a blog for parents of older kids

Three and a half years ago, I started this blog. It’s amazing how much growth can happen in that amount of time.

My daughter is older and significantly taller, as are the kids of many of the Tween Us readers. And as our kids grow, our interests have changed and evolved, too.

My daughter is now 13 – a teen. It seems like it is the appropriate time to broaden the focus of this blog and community a bit and update the name to reflect that, so Tween Us is now Between Us Parents.

I’ve learned that good parenting advice generally applies to a range of age groups. My goal is to consider sharing research on topics we face and good advice I stumble upon, or learn the hard way. And I’ll keep sharing stories of my own parenting journey, the good and the bad, but as has been the case, it’ll be about my experience as a mom, not about my child, who has a right to her privacy, something she values as she grows older.

Parents of older kids find it harder to talk about the challenges of parenting kids.

The days of wondering when they’ll take their first steps, shared frustration over potty training, or the communal laughs from discussions of what we’d really like to do to Caillou have been replaced by fears of judgment, of both us and our children. But if there’s ever a time we need support, it is when our kids, and we parents, are facing the tough stuff.

I hope this blog will continue to be a place to find that community, and to share some laughs and missteps. It’s so comforting to know that we’re all feeling our way through the unknown of parenting tweens and teens with smartphones and apps, and that we’re not all getting it right, but we’re certainly trying our best.

My daughter is still in middle school, which I consider to be very much the natural habitat of the tween.  I’m not leaving tween topics behind, as I still think parents of tweens are very underrepresented in the blogosphere, and tween and teen issues are not mutually exclusive.

I hope you like the subtle change and that you’ll stick around for all the teen parenting fun to come. And I swear, if I find the magic formula to stop eye rolling, back talk, forgotten items, and apps used for anything other than positive behavior, I will share it with you at once!

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