Why I'm rooting for Feast to win the Oscar for animated short film

Why I'm rooting for Feast to win the Oscar for animated short film

The Oscars are coming up, just 10 days away as I write this. Usually, the category “Short Film – Animated” isn’t one that garners a lot of attention from me, but this year is different.

I’m really rooting for Feast to win the Oscar for animated short film because it’s great story telling and also, it’s adorable.

My tween daughter and I got to see Feast, the short animated film from Disney Animation Studios which played in theaters before the full length Disney film Big Hero 6. I was excited about Feast after reading this preview at My Crazy Good Life, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, it charmed the socks of both me and my daughter.

Feast stars Winston, a Boston Terrier. You can see some highlights in this 53 second peek at it here:

The short film is, of course, much more than just this. In under five minutes, it uses shared meals to tell the wonderful story of the relationship between a young man and the stray puppy he takes in.

Feast reminded me a bit of the opening sequence of the movie Up because they both cover a range of life events and the accompanying emotional roller coaster in a brief amount of time. Both pack a big emotional punch and remind us of the wonders of purely visual story telling.

And yes, I admit it, I cried. I also laughed. “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion,” said Truvy in Steel Magnolias and that’s true for me as well. I think that’s known today as “feeling all the feels” and this short does a great job of making sure you do just that.

My tween and I weren’t the only ones to enjoy Feast. Variety calls it “[o]ne of the best-reviewed and most beloved movies of the year

It’s fun to see what went on behind the scenes when the folks at Disney were making this hand drawn film in this video:

Have you seen Feast? Did you like it?

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