9 fun experiences at Epcot for tweens and teens

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Walt Disney World is a ton of fun for all ages, but I’ve found that tweens and teens are at an especially great stage to enjoy Epcot at Walt Disney World. Don’t tell them, but it’s also possible to learn a great deal about everything from marine life to Moroccan traditions at Epcot.

Soarin’, Test Track and Mission Space are always fun rides, but here are some of our favorite activities and experiences at Epcot for tweens and teens that are not as well known.

My daughter specifically requested that I not include Spaceship Earth in this list. She said, “It’s social studies class, disguised as a ride.” And that wasn’t a good thing, in her opinion. While the ride demonstrates the incredible technological advances made by humans, I’m afraid my tween wasn’t very appreciative. The fact that it hasn’t changed a bit since I first saw it in the mid-80s may not have helped.

I’m not saying don’t go on it, and that it won’t be good for your kid, I’m just saying it may not be their favorite. That’s okay. There’s plenty else at Epcot that will elicit that wow factor from them.

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