My survival kit for the final episode of Parenthood

My survival kit for the final episode of Parenthood

I have declared today to be “Black Thursday” because I am in mourning. The final episode of Parenthood airs on NBC tonight.

I adore the Braverman family and the show, and I’m very sad to say goodbye this evening. Might as well back a truck full of Kleenex up to my door. If you hear lots of sniffling and nose blowing, don’t mind me. I’ll be fine.

Admittedly, the past season plus hasn’t been quite as stellar the prior ones, but it’s still the most honest and heartwarming portrayal of family life on television today. The combination of serious topics and levity mirrors the mix of emotions that constitutes daily family life. It addresses the realities of parenting tweens and teens and it has inspired a few posts, including this one and this one.

I am taking the end of the show pretty hard. My husband won’t be home this evening and I’m pretty sure he’s counting his blessings. I may also be secretly pleased that I can say goodbye on my own and have some space to cry the assuredly ugly cry that comes with saying goodbye to old friends. Don’t worry, I know they’re not real people, but admit it, you wish they were and you wish you were a Braverman, too.

Part of preparing for the end of Parenthood involves stocking up on supplies. My survival kit for the final episode of Parenthood includes:

– Kleenex

ALL the Kleenex. Boxes and boxes. I may splurge and get the kind with lotion. I need as much soothing as I can get. If I had been smart, I would have just bought a ton of boxes when the show started. And stock, too. This show is just so good at tugging at the heart strings and firing up the tear ducts.

– Ice cream

I don’t know why I feel this is necessary, but I do. Probably cookie dough. See above comment about needing to be soothed.

– Warm, fluffy blanket

Because the ice cream will probably make me cold and it’s just fun to curl up under a blanket.

– Wine, or some other tasty beverage

The Bravermans usually have wine. I think it’s part of living where they do in Northern California. It just feels appropriate that we all raise our glasses to the Bravermans as we bid them adieu.

– Black clothing

I told you. It’s Black Thursday. I’m in mourning, might as well dress the part.

– Remote (with fresh batteries)

I will need to pause, rewind, watch again. I’m going to milk this last episode for all its worth.

– Kleenex. Yes, I know already mentioned that. If you’re confused by the double listing, I’m guessing you haven’t watched the show much.

Should you want to loosen the tear ducts or just fel the need to get the tears out before the show starts, watch one of my all-time favorite scenes (I know, it’s impossible to pick just one, but this is definitely up there) here. It’s when Zeek takes his granddaughter to the junk to see the aftermath of the car she totaled.

That gets me every time.

As does this video of Adam watching the video Kristina made for her kids in the event of her death. And this one of Victor’s adoption, which you can see here.

My favorite quote is from Jim Valvano: “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day.”

This show has often succeeded in making me laugh, cry, and think in one hour. It’s been a heck of a show. I will miss it.

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