Amy Poehler gives great advice: 9 favorite Ask Amy videos

Amy Poehler is fabulous, and it’s safe to say I’m a huge fan. Her book is sitting on my nightstand, I’m counting down the days to the return of her television show Park and Recreation and I’m thrilled that she’s hosting the Golden Globes again with the also incredible Tina Fey.

What makes me most grateful for and indebted to Amy Poehler, however, is her Smart Girls at the Party and particularly her Ask Amy segments. In Ask Amy, she posts on YouTube her answers to questions from presumably teenage girls and young women about life, love and finding your way in this sometimes very wacky world.

The segments are short, just two to three minutes long, and chock full of  positive perspective. Amy Poehler gives great advice that’s of benefit to all, but what she says is especially wonderful for tween and teen girls.  She speaks the truth, and it is often easier to hear it from someone other than a parent.

My daughter really appreciates them, and often takes them to heart. I’ve noticed that she’ll go back and rewatch one when it is applicable to what’s going on in her life at a given time.

Here are some favorite Ask Amy advice videos by Amy Poehler, covering topics from positivity to math to love to body image.

Although Ask Amy videos are from 2012 and 2013, the advice is timeless. There are 28 Ask Amy videos and you can find them all here. Do you have a favorite?

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