5 holidays that do not exist, but should

5 holidays that do not exist, but should

“Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist.”

That was my writing assignment for tonight. How fun is that? The possibilities are endless, because there really is so much to celebrate in this world.

This was part of blogapalooza, an event during which ChicagoNow bloggers are all given the same topic and exactly one hour to write and publish a post on it. You can see all of the holidays that ChicagoNow bloggers would like to see right here.

Here are a few suggestions for new holidays:

* National Reading Day

What better way to send a message to our kids that reading is really important and worthy of time? Also, I’m sad to admit that reading often falls way down the priority list. It shouldn’t. Family reading time is awesome, and there should be more of it.

* Jammiemas

This could be easily combined with National Reading Day, or it could stand alone. It may sound appealing because I’m chilly and a bit tired, or it could be that this is just a brilliant day that needs to happen.

* CarbFest

I love bread, pasta, donuts, cookies, cake, pastries, and anything else remotely related to those. If it’s a carb, the odds are that I’m a huge fan. Instead of all that sad “empty calorie” talk, let’s give them their due by eating them. Lots of them.

* Say Only Nice Things Day

I like to think I’d come up with this before I was a blogger and the target of internet trolls, because the power of positivity isn’t a new concept. I think that if we all only said nice things to each other, it’d be an amazing day. I think it would keep going on its own, too, and the next day, while not a holiday, would also be a bit nicer. And again, this would be a great way to send a message to our kids that being nice and choosing kind is important. Really important.

* Treat Yo’ Self Day


Fan of Parks and Recreation are already familiar with this holiday created by characters Tom and Donna. Those who haven’t seen the show can probably figure it out from the name. It’s all about treating yourself to what you really enjoy. For the character it was spa treatments, clothes, mimosas, fine leather goods, etc. For you, it can be anything. On the show they called it “the best day of the year.” Yeah, I can see that.

What new holiday would you like to see observed?

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