Disturbing Google search terms: Why you need to check your kids phone and computer

Disturbing Google search terms: Why you need to check your kids phone and computer

Thousands of people get to this blog because it came up in the results generated by a Google search or searches done on Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines. Perhaps that’s how you got here, and if so, welcome!

It is possible for me to see some of the search terms that land people here on this blog. Some of them are funny, others are just rather odd, and some are downright frightening. Here are some of the more disturbing Good search terms from just the past few months:

* Tweens naked

* Naked young teen girls

* Boys and boy sex

* Sex vines app

* Nude girls on Kik

* Tweens nude

* Kik user names for sexting

* Little girls in lingerie

The above terms were all searched by at least 4 times.

Thankfully only one person searched “how too use kik for sex.”  (I left the typo in for your amusement.)

I know that it is not shocking that there are weirdos on the internet, but I thought that a gentle reminder that those weirdos can end up in places you wouldn’t expect them (like this blog) could motivate parents to be careful. These are all reasons to monitor your child’s phone and internet usage.

Feel free to show this list to your kids to illustrate that there are creepy people out there and that your job, as a parent, is to protect them from those kinds of individuals. You checking the phone and computer doesn’t mean that you don’t trust your kid, it means you trust other people on the internet.

Go one step further and keep your kids’ phones in your room in the evening. That serves the dual purpose of making sure kids sleep instead of text or surf the net and reminding you to check their phone.

Added bonus: it’s better for your kids’ health than keeping the phones in the kitchen. I’ve heard of more than one tween spraining an ankle creeping downstairs in the middle of the night to get their phone.

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