Peep cake: How to guide for a fun treat kids can make

Peep cake: How to guide for a fun treat kids can make

Ah, spring time. There are a few sure signs announcing that this beautiful season has arrived: birds chirping, flowers blooming and marshmallow Peeps lining the shelves of the grocery store.

My tween and I decided to make a Peep cake last year, inspired by this one. They looked elaborate. I had my doubts, but my tween charged full speed ahead.

Thank goodness she did, because she put her own twist on the idea created a showstopper of an Easter dessert. I’m confident that even the Easter bunny himself would have been impressed with the end result.

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1. Bake your favorite cake. You can go homemade, or use a box mix, whatever flavor makes you  happy, it’s all good.

2. After cake has cooled, frost it. (I know it’s hard for kids to wait, but it really does make it so much easier.) Vanilla frosting worked well, you want a light color for this cake. If you’re a chocolate lover, though, check out this cake from Peeps that uses chocolate.

Note: Don’t put a ton of frosting between layers. You don’t want the cake too high. Also, frosting the sides isn’t entirely necessary if you’re looking to save time or a little sugar (not like that ship hasn’t already sailed with this cake, but I respect the to not guild the lily. I don’t remember why we didn’t frost the sides of ours but no one complained

3. Line the outer edge of the cake with bunny Peeps. You’ll need approximately 24 peeps, and that should give you a few for sampling as you decorate. Quality control is important, right? We didn’t separate all of ours, they come fused together in groups of 3s and that wasn’t a problem, they wrapped nicely around the cake and it made it attaching them go quickly.

4. Decorate the top using pastel M&Ms and more Peeps. Really, any favorite Easter or spring candy would work. I think this would be delicious with pink lemonade cake and jelly beans on top.

You can find a ton of more fun recipes and some adorable crafts, all using Peeps, on this Pinterest page from Club Chica Circle.

If you’re feeling like you need a more creative Peep display or you just want a few laughs, check out the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest page.

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