Chinese New Year 2014: What it means to be born in the Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year 2014: What it means to be born in the Year of the Horse
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January 31, 2014 marks Lunar New Year, commonly known  Chinese New Year but celebrated in many countries beyond China, and this year is the Year of the Horse. The horse is a symbol in the Chinese Zodiac, which was created thousands of years ago and features 12 animals and five signs: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. This year’s element is wood.

What birthdays make someone born in the Year of the Horse?

People born in 2002 are the most recent horses. Kids with birthdays between February 12, 2002 and January 31, 2003 are horses.  People with similar birthdays in 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942 and 1930. Get specific dates here. That means a large majority of kids turning 12 this year are horses, making it a big tween zodiac symbol. (Next year will be the Year of the Sheep, followed by the Year of the Rabbit in 2016.)

I know a little something about the Year of the Horse, as both my tween and my brother are horses. Their personalities are quite similar as they are both clever, kind and  I’ve chalked their shared traits up to the fact that they share this Chinese zodiac symbol.

Characteristics of those born in the Year of the Horse

Horses have many distinctive characteristics and are known to be independent, high energy and always up for adventure. Horses can also be a bit rash and inconsistent.

My tween and brother are both clever, kind, animated, and have “deft sense of humour,” characteristic list as belonging to horses here.

“One of the strongest and most distinctive traits of the horse is a very giving, open nature, and a great desire for freedom. However, horses also really enjoy being the center of attention, and they actively seek praise and acceptance,” according to

“Energetic, good with money and very fond of travel . . . Horses tend not to look much at the big picture; instead they just follow their whims,” explains

Tweens born in 2002 are Water Horses, described by as “adaptable yet indecisive, Water Horses have a tendency to flow like the current. They have trouble making up their minds and as a result, they always seem to be confusing others. And although this behavior can be frustrating, Water Horses are fun to be around so most people just get used to it.”

In contrast, the site predicts that Wood Horses born this year will be “[s]table and strong, Wood Horses are better able to make decisions. They interact well with others; a trait that enables them to have more successful personal and professional relationships.”

Celebrities born in a Year of the Horse

Jennifer Lawrence was born in 1990, the Year of the Horse.

Jennifer Lawrence was born in 1990, the Year of the Horse.

Jennifer Lawrence
Oprah Winfrey
Andy Samberg
Harrison Ford
Jerry Seinfeld
Paul McCartney
Aretha Franklin
Adam Sandler
James Franco

See more celebrities born in the Year of the Horse from Huffington Post Canada here.

Gung Hay Fat Choi! Happy New Year!

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