Professional organizer offers advice for organizing your tween

Please welcome today’s guest poster, Erin Kelly of Organizing with Erin. Erin is a professional organizer whose organizing business has been helping people get organized for 9 years.

Tween are moving towards independence but they are still in a developmental stage that requires help when it comes to keeping their lives together. They look to their parents to gently guide them in all aspects of life, from the food you set on the table, the clothes you let them wear and the activities they partake. This also holds true for organization skills. It’s up to you, Mom and Dad, to set up some organizational systems and solutions in your home. Here are some of my favorite solutions to help organize your tween.

• Everything needs a home

This not only includes their clothing, books and toys but their extra curricular stuff. I have seen many a home where sports and dance stuff float around. Sports equipment gets dirty and lost in the garage. Containerize it!!

• Schedule management

The tween needs a calendar. Aside from having a family calendar, the tween needs one. This should be placed in their bedroom or study area. A vast majority of kids are visual. They need constant reminders of their obligations. Encourage them to look at it before bed and in the morning.

• Prep Time

No one likes maniac Mondays. Prepare for the next day the night before. Load up that backpack. Make your lunch. Set out your clothes for the next day. Load up the sports equipment.

• Food Time

If your tween makes their own lunch, have plenty of healthy items available for them to include in their lunch box. Also set up a snack shelf or area for after school snacks. By having their own snack area, they won’t be rustling through your pantry or cabinets.

• Chores

Give your tween responsibilities around your home. This will help you in the present and them in the future. During my childhood, I was the dusting queen, assistant dinner chef, and laundry sorter (comes in handy in my job dehoarding houses now).

As with anything, daily maintenance and consistency is very important. Make this solutions a daily habit in your home!

Organizing your tween is not an easy job, and it is certainly a never-ending job. Hopefully these tips will help. If you have tips that have worked with organizing your tween, please share them in the comments!

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