4 Tips for organizing your tween’s bedroom

4 Tips for organizing your tween’s bedroom
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I’m thrilled to welcome today’s guest poster, Erin Kelly of Organizing with Erin. Erin is a professional organizer whose organizing business has been helping people get organized for 9 years. We had a conversation about last week’s post that featured experts advising parents to let a messy room go and not fight about it.

Not making a bed is one thing, but when a tween’s room is unorganized, life can be tough for the child and the parent. Tweens need the help of an adult figuring out how to go about managing all their clothes, books, electronics, school work, uniforms, equipment and all the other stuff that fills a tween’s life and bedroom and Erin’s tips are a great place to start.

I have worked with many a Tween on organizing and clearing out their room. Don’t despair! It can be done and maintained. Here are my top tips to keep your Tween’s room organized.


No one wants to mess up the pretty. If you child’s room looks nice then chances are, they will try and keep it that way. You don’t need to go all Pottery Barn Kids to have a nice room. A couple cans of paint, stencils and fun décor will do the trick. Home Goods is a personal favorite.


This is one of the biggest problems that I see with in tween and teen rooms. There is too much stuff and most of it isn’t age appropriate. You need to purge on a regular basis. My mom used to make me purge after each season. If I wanted new clothes, I had to produce what didn’t fit or was worn out. I still follow this method as an adult.

Make sure that everything in the room is age appropriate whether is clothing or toys/books. I just worked in a 10 year olds room that still had baby books on the shelves. They were cluttering up her space. Let the room grow and evolve as your child does!


After you purge the room of the non age appropriate toys/books, you need to define the space. Get a label maker. Label the inside of drawers and shelves if need be. Teach your tween the art of categorization. Put like with like.


How do you want the room to function? If you have a toy room, keep the toys there. If you have a family game area, keep the games there. The same goes for craft supplies. Trouble begins when you try to have too many functions for the bedroom.

If don’t have other storage areas, then you have to be creative and use all your space. Bookshelves aren’t just for books anymore. You can use them for clothing storage, games, and even place baskets for the Tween’s ever growing toiletries. Sweater bags are perfect for folded clothes in the closet. Evaluate your space and then choose viable storage options.

In closing, daily maintenance is a must to keep any space clean and organized!

Thanks for the help, Erin!  These are great tips, especially the label maker. My tween loves using our label maker – time to break that out again!

You can find Erin and her very helpful organizing tips for all ages on Facebook at Arranged by Erin Professional Organizing.

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