Tricks and Treats: Halloween Round Up

Tricks and Treats: Halloween Round Up
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Halloween is quickly approaching. I’ll confess that I haven’t purchased our candy yet because I don’t trust any of us to not dig into early. But I have been reading all the great holiday posts on the net, so check out this Halloween round up of favorite

Costume Craze

My Crazy Good Life has found some great Tween Boy Halloween Costume Ideas. The stick figure and the cactus both amused me. The Tweenhood blog gives a rundown of the most popular Halloween costumes this year.

Image from Club Chica Circle.

Image from Club Chica Circle.

Decoration Ideas

Club Chica Circle to the rescue for those who are over scraping out the insides of the pumpkin or who want a flame-free yet illuminating pumpkin option with their Glow in the Dark Puffy Paint Polka-dot Pumpkin.

Glamour pumpkins that are painted and then bedazzled with bling by High Gloss and Sauce screams tween girl to me.

Spooky 9If you want to go a bit bigger, check out South of I-80’s Spooky Silhouette Curtains Tutorial that tweens could likely make solo but it would also be a very fun project for the whole family.


Easy tips to keep your Halloween safe and a bit less scary – Tweens are eager to head out trick or treating on their own, but Savvy Parents Safe Kids has all the rules you should review with them before setting them loose on the candy conquest.

Scary Movies

Not sure if your kid can handle a scary movie? Common Sense Media has Scary Movie Tips to help you determine how much your tween can handle, and they recommend those with humor thrown in.

The one night of the year that parents say, “Go crazy with the makeup!”

Both you and your tween can enjoy the freedomheck out these 5 FUN Makeup Items for your Tween for Halloween from FP Girl.

Definitive Source for all things Halloween

With an amazing Halloween series touching on everything from costumes to parties to how many calories are in the Halloween candy, Listing Toward Halloween has all your bases covered for the holiday. Check it out!

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