Similarities abound between middle school and kindergarten

Similarities abound between middle school and kindergarten

Today is the first day of junior high for my girl. With all the preparation of locker decorating and schedule learning and measuring straps on dresses to make sure that they are at least an inch wide per the school dress code, I was caught up in how very grown up my girl is.

And then when we dropped her off at school, I was surprised at how very much it felt like dropping her off at kindergarten. It’s a new school, and she walked into a big building that is unfamiliar to us both, as a minor incident in the car drop off lane painfully illustrated to us and to about a dozen other cars full of parents and kids.

While I know she’ll be fine, there’s a comfort that comes with knowing a fair amount of the teachers, both of you knowing exactly where the bathrooms are and being the big kid on the elementary playground. I think I may not have sufficiently appreciated the institutional knowledge I had acquired by my daughter’s fifth grade year.

And yet we also know now that we’ll get there. Just like last time. It will be fine, but the acquisition of both that knowledge and comfort will take a little time.

So, kindergarten mamas, know that I feel you today and while it’s different for us parents of older kids, it’s a little bit the same, too.

There are a lot of other ways that middle schoolers and kindergarteners are similar. I’m at My Crazy Good Life talking about those ways, including “even if you think your tween, the one who can run all the electronics in your home better than you can, knows his/her phone number, that may not be the case.” This became painfully apparent to me during a slumber party guest mishap.

Please check it out here, and learn why I now hate Caller ID.

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