The night before school starts, we carbo-load for the academic marathon

The night before school starts, we carbo-load for the academic marathon
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The school year is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Marathoners carbo-load the night before a race, so on the night before school starts, we are headed to my tween’s favorite Italian restaurant and we’re going to carbo-load for sixth grade. What better way to kick off a new year at a new school than with a plate of homemade pasta?

This is a new tradition for us. A few of the ones we’ve tried were fun, and maybe they’ll work for your family.

In the past we have celebrated with a School Year’s Eve party, complete with hats and noise makers. Hey, why not use those New Year’s party supplies more than once a year? A school year’s eve party is also a great time to make or review your school year’s resolutions.

And to make it really authentic, be sure to have champagne for the adults to toast to surviving the a really great summer and a wonderful academic year ahead. Cheers, my friends!

A farewell summer picnic is also a fun option. Head to the back yard and enjoy your warm weather favorites. Be sure to have everyone share their favorite memories of this past summer. Play a game of charades of family members acting out certain big events.

This year, after a frenzy of back to school activity has me worn out and crawling to the start line of the school year, I’ve decided to let someone else do the cooking, as my tween loves the dishes at Clara’s more than the pasta that I make.

While my tween is excited about heading to junior high, she also has some nerves. I’m thinking some good comfort food will help ease those nerves, or at least induce a food coma sufficient to ensure a good night’s sleep, for both of us.

What are your night before school starts or first day of school traditions?

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