Thumbs up: 11 great kids movies that Roger Ebert liked

Roger Ebert, the incredible Chicago-based film critic who passed away earlier this month at the age of 70, reviewed a lot of movies intended for children. He sat through a lot of bad ones, and of the ones he did like, he offered unique insight into both cinema and childhood. His reviews of family films that he liked pinpointed what made them great for both children and their parents.

I love this quote from Ebert’s review of “Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory”:
“Kids are not stupid. They are among the sharpest, cleverest, most eagle-eyed creatures on God’s Earth, and very little escapes their notice… They don’t miss a thing, and they have an instinctive contempt for shoddy and shabby work. I make this observation because nine out of ten children’s movies are stupid, witless, and display contempt for their audiences, and that’s why kids hate them. Is that all parents want from kids’ movies? That they not have anything bad in them? Shouldn’t they have something good in them — some life, imagination, fantasy, inventiveness, something to tickle the imagination?”

In his honor and in honor of EbertFest, which is currently taking place, ChicagoNow bloggers are paying tribute to him with movie-themed posts. Below is a gallery of 11 great kids movies that appeal to children, including tweens, and their parents that received Ebert’s approval. Below each image is a quote from the Ebert review of the film.You can find all of Roger Ebert’s movie reviews at You can see all the ChicagoNow movie posts “for the love of EbertFest” here.

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