Tween calls out City Council Members on rude behavior

Tween calls out City Council Members on rude behavior
Dallas City Hall, where David called out City Council members

Thank you, David Williams, for renewing my belief that tweens really do understand the importance of good manners. David is 11 years old and this week he spoke to the Dallas City Council about school safety but as he did so, City Council members kept getting up and walking around. David asked them, “Do you feel it’s acceptable for city council members to be up and walking while their constituents are addressing them?”


“It is not so respectful for folks to be walking when visitors are speaking,” admitted Dallas Councilman Dwaine Caraway.

There are reasons that I absolutely adore this story, and this tween who is not afraid to call out officials on rude behavior.

1.  Manners are both important and that we should insistent that people use them.

I hate to say that I thought of Dr. Phil, but I do love the idea of “you teach people how to treat you.” David was polite and respectful, and in that manner he asked for and got, their respect and undivided attention. He was straightforward, but not rude. David serves as a shining example for all ages that rudeness should not be tolerated) (Also worth noting, this kid was

2. Tweens can respectfully and effectively stand up for themselves.

As you can see in the video below, David was not rude, but he also was not a push over. David had to stand to the side of the podium because he could not see over it, but he was clearly not intimidated.

3. Civic involvement is worthwhile at all ages.

David went to City Council to make his voice heard. He engaged in civil, respectful discourse with elected officials. I love that he is both informed about current events and an eager participant in the process. Unsurprisingly, David would like to be President when he grows up.

David’s mom said that she didn’t see his question coming, but she was proud. All kids, and adults, should take note of both his insistence on manners.

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