More cheap holiday gift ideas for kids and tweens

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, time to get your tween a gift besides a hat.

If you have gotten any, you’ve got work to do, the idea in here are many, so please scroll through!

Forgive the rewritten lyrics, but requests keep coming in for tween gift ideas. These suggested presents all serve the dual purpose of being both fun to open AND keeping your child(ren) occupied over the winter break from school.

The prior post on cheap tween gift ideas offered options that were under $15 and were good stocking stuffers, but sometimes Santa needs to go big or go home to the North Pole. We have upped the dollar limit, but fear not, there are still items under $20 in the list.  Nothing is more than $43. All items can be purchased at, and prices there are included in the descriptions. I’ve seen several in our local stores, so you’re not out of luck if support your neighborhood businesses.

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