Woke Up Insanely Early: A Guide To Morning Before Sunrise

Woke Up Insanely Early: A Guide To Morning Before Sunrise

Today I woke up insanely early, 3:50AM. It was an accident. But instead of rolling back over I took time to reboot my meditation and home practice.  The intent was not building heat, supplementing a workout, or worrying about what was working. The intention was to simply celebrate the silence of a ridiculously early morning.

Now I feel calm, clear, awake but in absolutely no rush. For you, my loves, I am reflecting on this practice and have decided to write it down.  It can be hard to let intuition guide a home practice if you’re new to it.  So, next time you can’t sleep, maybe this will help you. Of course, you should always feel free to deviate from the plan …

10ish Min Seated Meditation (which included petting my dog and listening to the clock tick)

45ish Min Practice

5ish Min Savasana

Mindful Practice: Play with your alignment and breath in each pose.  Be tender with your early morning, sleepy body and gives an abundance of gentleness to your joints moving in and out of the longer holds as necessary.

  • Meditation
  • 5 Minutes in Down Dog
  • 1 Minute in Plank
  • 2 Minute in Child’s Pose
  • 2 Minute Table Top + a few rounds of cow/cat and hip circles
  • 4 Minute in Thread the Needle (2 min. on each side)
  • 1 Minute Bound Forward Fold
  • 5 (ish) Minutes – 2 slow, modified sun salutes: Mountain, side bends, forward fold, halfway lift, down dog, cow pose, child’s pose, up dog, down dog
  • 2 Minute in Kneeling Crescent Lunge, Right Side
  • 1 Minute in low lunge twist, Right Side
  • 1 Minute Down Dog
  • 2 Minutes in Kneeling Crescent Lunge, Left Side
  • 1 Minute in low lunge Twist, Left Side
  • 1 Minute Down Dog
  • 1 Minute Child’s pose with arms in a reverse prayer variation
  • 2 Minute Cow Face Legs with Eagle Arms, Right arm over, Right leg under
  • 1 Minute Reverse Table Top with Lions Breath
  • 2 Minute Cow Face Legs with Eagle Arms, Left arm over, Left leg under
  • 1 Minute Staff Pose
  • 1 Minute Seated Forward Fold
  • 2 Minute Reclined Bound Angle
  • 5 Minute 3 Rounds of Bridge
  • 2 Minute Supine Deer Pose (1 Minute on each side)
  • Savasana

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