10 Reasons Why Mondays are the Best Day of the Week

“It’s a good day to have a good day”

I have a friend that says, “Mondays don’t suck. Your attitude sucks.” She’s also a fitness trainer – shocking, right 😉 But I’ve stolen this mantra for Mondays and it really helps!  Maybe you don’t need something as forceful as my mantra – so there’s always the quote above with the same sentiment and less colorful language.  The truth is the same, there’s nothing inherently terrible about this day other than most people set it up for failure. If anything Monday has MORE going for it.

Here are 10 reasons why Monday rocks!

  1. You have brand new work week to make change.

It’s a fresh week to start something new!

  1. There are days after Monday to keep your project going

Monday isn’t the end. It’s the beginning!  You can start something today and have many days ahead to fine-tune your idea!

  1. Monday’s celestial symbol is the Moon – and the moon is awesome.

In yoga the moon symbolizes cool, grounded and receptive energy.

  1. Mondays offer second chances!

F-ed it up last week? You have an entire week ahead to make it right.

  1. Monday is the right day to reset a health regimen.

Research shows that dieters and those new to exercise have more success if they reset their plan on a Monday.

  1. Mondays provide balance.

Perhaps your weekends offer fun and freedom, Mondays often offer discipline and organization. Embrace this day as a chance to get with the program.

  1. Mondays are an opportunity to show your authentically beautiful self!

Jump OFF the bandwagon and start loving Mondays. You’ll stick out like the beautiful, positive, motivated being that you are.

  1. You can do anything well, especially on Monday.

You’re fresh off the weekend. You’re rested. You’re ready to dive in. This is the day of the week when you actually have more energy and clear head space to do great things.

  1. Finish up leftover errands and shopping.

The weekends are notoriously busy in the stores.  If you have spillover from the weekend, Monday is the perfect day to finish it up. Stores are typically slow on a Monday leaving you free to check off your list without the weekend lines an hustle.

  1. You can make a difference for someone else.

More often than not you meet people who loathe Mondays and have set themselves up for a very terrible day. YOU can be the difference for them. Offer encouragement, a joke, a hug – anything to turn this day around!


Since Mondays are all about new beginnings, commit (or recommit) to meditation.  Find a quiet spot, set the timer on your phone for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Sit in silence and focus on breath.  If you need to keep yourself occupied to avoid a wandering mind recite today’s mantra in your head with breath: inhale “It’s a good day” exhale “to have a good day.”

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