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Six Christmas Songs That Make Me Happy

I never heard of this until I met my husband, but his family listened to this song, over and over when they were children. This one was new to me too. I remember singing this one. I’ve always loved the Chipmunks! This one is my new favorite! And who doesn’t love the Grinch? Or that... Read more »

Turn, Turn, Turn: To Everything There is a Season

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Today’s first reading, Ecclesiastics 3:1-11, brought back many memories.  The first I had ever heard of this scripture was when the 1960’s group, The Byrds sang it.  I had no idea it was from the Bible back then. Enjoy your morning and bring peace to someone’s day.

We Hold These Truths || Spoken Word

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Lyrics: At this time in America we’ve come to the crossroads Standing with our religious freedom and what we have been told. We hold these truths to be self evident all men created the same Endowed with certain unalienable rights that can’t be taken away They cannot be taken away by man, they were given... Read more »

Jacob & Matthew Band - Give Glory

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Let’s give a little glory this morning, shall we?  😉

The Real Reason Katie Holmes is Divorcing Tom Cruise

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I don’t usually write about celebrities.  I don’t like them and I don’t care about them.  But the “surprise” of the TomKat divorce got me thinking.  If you don’t think religion matters in a relationship just think of these two. You might not get through the whole video.  It’s hard to watch.

Purgatory on Earth

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The best explanation for Purgatory I ever heard was from Mother Angelica.  She said that we should think of Purgatory as taking a shower before we finally meet God because we want to be perfectly clean before that meeting. Watching this video showed me what a big baby I am.  I want to be comfortable,... Read more »

Why go to Mass?

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I found this video on Awestruckglobal.com.  If you can, download it onto your phone and the next time a CINO (Catholic in Name Only) starts giving you reasons why they’re don’t go to church, let them watch this.

The Book of Acts in Three Minutes

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When I first converted, the Book of Acts was one of my favorites.  I had one of those wonderful little pocket paperbacks of just that book with beautiful pictures of the locations where everything had taken place. I hope this little video will spark your interest in reading the Book of Acts whether its for... Read more »

Religious Liberty for All!

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Fr. Maletta was at the rally Friday.  He is a powerful speaker and we are blessed to have him! Some priests are afraid to speak the truth during homilies.  Fr. Maletta is not one of them.

"Little Girl, I Say to You, Arise!"

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus takes the hand of a little girl who has died and tells her to get up.  To the astonishment of her parents and others in the room, the little girl (who is around twelve according to scripture) immediately gets up and walks around! My childhood was not fun and sometimes I... Read more »