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The Pope is on Twitter!

The Pope is on Twitter and a lot of people are wondering why that is important.  I think it’s important that the Pope use all social media to not only reach Catholics, but everyone.  And in the picture here, it looks likes he’s having a good time! Here are Pope Benedict’s first three tweets in... Read more »

If You Wish to be Perfect

If you wish to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.  Then come, follow me. – Matthew 19:21 Well, I don’t want to be THAT perfect, and our Lord was not talking about following Him on Twitter, either.  *Sigh* But seriously, I know... Read more »

The 2012 Presidential Debates, Sort of

Some of my favorite tweets and comments of the night: These were posted about the “drinking game” you see above: That’s too many rules for me. We just have 3 and it’s bad! Step four: pass out within 30 minutes and sleep peacefully through the rest of the coverage. I’d already be drunk and it... Read more »

Would You be Willing to Break One of the Ten Commandments?

            I’d break a commandment to have a maid.  Seriously.  I hate housework. I tweeted that statement not too long ago and it started an interesting conversation.  I was asked which commandment I would be willing to break. I am the LORD your God. You shall worship the Lord your... Read more »

Navigating My New Smart Phone

                        I no longer have a dumb phone.  After years of salivating over the iPhone, I waited till my upgrade, and snagged a deal at Best Buy.  $50! So now what do I do?  My phone has always been just my phone.  I never... Read more »

Silence and Word

          From PromoteCatholicism.NewEvangelizers.com: On Wednesday, May 23, we’re asking you to take a one-day break from posting on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc. … and use that day to reflect on the Pope’s words about the role of silence in communication and evangelization. Then, on Thursday, May 24, please... Read more »


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“Here’s a cool video that uses tweets from #WhatSistersMeantoMe in tribute to Catholic sisters. And while I wouldn’t say that Sr. Theresa Kane, RSM, “stood up” to the pope (more accurate to say that she boldly in his presence) and I’m not crazy about the F-bomb in the song…overall this is beautiful! The more I... Read more »

Bumper to Bumper on the Communication Highway

Navigating social media when you’re not exactly a twenty-something (*cough*) can be a challenge.  Because of my blog, I’ve learned to use WordPress,  Facebook, twitter, TweetDeck and Google +!  Whew!  Stand back.  I think my brain is going to explode! My biggest problem (outside of writing every day) is managing my news feeds.  The communication highway can... Read more »

Can I Twitter and Learn New Mass Parts at the Same Time?

One of my colleagues here at ChicagoNow wrote about being an old person learning how to use “Twitter.”  My kids are probably close to her age. I’ve had a Twitter account since I first joined ChicagoNow, but never used it.  After going back and forth about it, I finally took the plunge.  Of course I have... Read more »