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Some Women Speak For Themselves

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I’ve said many times that the current battle over the HHS mandates and religious freedom in our country is the fight of our lives and that it’s far from over. There are other voices in the fight that you need to hear too. A good friend recently sent me a link to a video that... Read more »

Stand Up for Religious Freedom!

“I would have loved for the Supreme Court to have put the HHS Mandate controversy to rest by overturning the entire Obamacare law today. But that would have been the easy way out. “Today’s ruling means that the grassroots protests of the HHS Mandate will continue. The more than 200 local leaders raised up all across... Read more »

Fr. Andrew Kemberling Stands Up For Religious Freedom

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If you are able to join the many rallies being held across the country today at noon for Stand Up for Religious Freedom, watch this video before you go. It’s a mini-pep rally all by itself.    

Reflections Toward the End of Lent

I’m sitting here with my morning “joe” reflecting on the fact that Lent is almost over.  My daughter reminded me the other day that in the beginning of the season I groaned, “This is going to be a long Lent!”  And now Easter is a mere ten days away! This Lenten season was different from... Read more »

We Are All Catholic in Chicago! The Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally!

My daughter and I attended the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom held at the Federal Plaza (50 W. Adams St.) here in Chicago today.  The weather did not deter the 2500 people who showed up nor did the refusal of the Federal Building to turn on the power so the sound system could be turned... Read more »

Stand Up For Religious Freedom

Today my daughter and I will be at the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom being held here in Chicago at Federal Plaza, 50 W. Adams St., from 12-1 PM.  As a child of the “sixties” this is going to be my first demonstration! If you can’t be at any of the rallies being held across... Read more »

Standing Up For Our Religious Freedom

I received this press release the other day.  If you cannot be there, please set aside some time during your day to pray for those who will. Chicago, Illinois—The controversy over President Obama’s HHS Mandate is now pouring out onto the streets. On March 23, concerned citizens in over 50 cities—including Washington D.C., New York,... Read more »