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Celebrating One Year at St. Therese

This past weekend marked the first anniversary of singing at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church for our choir.  It seems that in life, the best things that happen to us, happen in the most extraordinary ways. Our friend, Gent, called my husband one day.  We had not heard from him in some time, so my husband... Read more »

An Answered Call to the Priesthood

My husband and I met Christian Shiu last year when we first came to St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church to sing at the 5 PM Mass.  We were impressed by this young man so fired up about his faith and then we learned why. Christian had just received the sacraments the Easter of 2011 and had... Read more »

How Many Churches Do You Drive By on the Way to Mass?

And no, the question isn’t a joke. We drive by at least four (that I can see from the expressway).  Our old parish is one block from our house.  It was the church of my husband’s grandparents, his parents and us for the first ten years of our marriage.  And then it all fell apart.... Read more »

Corpus Christi - The Body and Blood of Christ

Today we celebrate the best of what the Catholic church has to offer:  The Body and Blood of Christ! This morning we are attending the installation of Fr. Francis Li as pastor at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church here in Chicago.  Please pray for him and for Fr. Bernard McNally from England who is celebrating 40 years... Read more »

Why I Will Not Leave the Catholic Church

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear Catholics give reasons and excuses why they don’t go to Church, but still claim to be Catholic.  I never hear, “I’m a non-practicing Catholic” or I don’t consider myself Catholic anymore.” Jennifer Fulwiler’s article entitled, “5 Questions Before You Leave the Church,” stopped me in my tracks.... Read more »

Lord, Get Us to the Church on Time During the NATO Summit!

            As you may have heard the NATO summit is being held here in Chicago.  I couldn’t have cared less except for the fact that my husband, myself and a friend of ours sing at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church in Chinatown at the 5 PM Mass today just blocks from McCormick Place where... Read more »

Reflections Toward the End of Lent

I’m sitting here with my morning “joe” reflecting on the fact that Lent is almost over.  My daughter reminded me the other day that in the beginning of the season I groaned, “This is going to be a long Lent!”  And now Easter is a mere ten days away! This Lenten season was different from... Read more »

Exploring the Priesthood by Christian Shiu

The following article appeared in St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church’s bulletin a couple of weeks ago.  Please pray for Christian and all young men as they explore the priesthood.  A special thank you to Christian  for letting me share this with you! As a relatively new Catholic, I often think about what the Faith means... Read more »

Wisdom and Advice for the Year of the Dragon

The Dragon is a powerful animal for the Chinese.  It symbolizes royalty, power, wisdom, and prosperity.  Here are “10 insights” for the new year: 1.  Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout. 2.  Why is a car’s... Read more »

Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant

Today’s Gospel talks about the talents and gifts of the servants who served their master. But sometimes our talents and gifts aren’t recognized.  Or we have a hard time using them because  no one seems to be interested.  After a while, we may begin to wonder if anyone is interested in our time, talent and treasure.... Read more »