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What can you do if you cannot attend Mass during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Being away from the Eucharist is going to be difficult.  This is the prayer of the Act of Spiritual Communion.  It can be said when a person is unable to receive Communion.
What can you do if you cannot attend Mass during the Coronavirus pandemic? It was announced on Friday, March 13 that the churches in the Archdiocese of Chicago are closed for Mass starting March 14 and will be indefinitely.  It broke my heart.  When there is a crisis, gathering together to pray is something Catholics... Read more »

Thanksgiving hope and change

Thanksgiving hope and change
Recently I gave a speech at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church.  It was at the last 5 PM Mass ever.  Normally the 5 PM Mass stops for the summer and resumes in the fall.  This year, the 5 PM Mass is being discontinued at St. Therese, resuming at St. Barbara which has been combined with... Read more »

Lunar New Year 2016 at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church

Many Chinese businesses and private residents have lions guarding the entranceway.
Lunar New Year 2016 at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church was celebrated on Sunday, February 21.  This is the Year of the Monkey. This year the celebration was special.  Archbishop Cupich was one of the celebrants.  He has a great sense of humor and seemed to enjoy himself throughout the celebration. If you’ve never been... Read more »

Touring Chicago's beautiful churches: St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church

The cornerstone
Touring Chicago’s beautiful churches continues with  St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church.  It is a church close to my heart as our choir has been singing there since September 25, 2011. Santa Maria Incoronata was established in November 26, 1899 when the first baptism of the parish was performed.  The First Chinese Catholic Church in Chicago opened at... Read more »

The Stations of the Cross at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church

Through her heart, His sorrow sharing  All His bitter anguish bearing  Now at length the sword has passed
The Stations of the Cross at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church can be prayed starting at 7 PM every Friday during Lent. This Lent, make a commitment to participate in the Stations.  If you can’t, you can pray them by yourself by using my pictures in the gallery below.  A plenary indulgence is granted to anyone who prays... Read more »

The Many Faces of Mary at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church

The many faces of Mary can be seen at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church.  Italian and Chinese culture merge in the faces of Mary in this hundred plus year old church here in Chicago. I have a fascination with the way Mary is depicted in different cultures.  Our need to identify with our Blessed Mother is... Read more »

Easter Sunday 2013 the Pews Will be Filled

Easter Sunday 2013 the pews will be filled with fresh faces that haven’t been inside of church since, well probably Christmas.  And unfortunately, by the following week, they will be gone. So how do we, as regular Mass attending Catholics, get them to become returning Catholics?  It’s frustrating isn’t it?  Especially for family members and... Read more »

The Landings Program at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church

I have the privilege of being part of the Landings program at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church for the past couple of weeks.  We have one “returning” Catholic who is participating in the program.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but we didn’t expect a large participation.  And since this is our first time conducting this program, it makes it... Read more »

Do You Need a Safe Place to Land?

Do you know someone who no longer attends Mass?  Have you come across this blog and wondered about your own faith and where it’s at?  Are you, or someone you know, teetering on the brink of returning to the Church?  Do you need a safe place to land? A new program is being introduced at... Read more »

Serving One Master

No servant can serve two masters. – Luke 16:13 In the early stages of my conversion a woman asked me if I followed my daily horoscope.  My answer was pretty simple.  No.  I used to read it every day, but after a while, I just got bored with it and after converting, there was no... Read more »