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What Do Women Really Want?

Sr. Helena Burns explains what women really want.

An Internet Prayer About Pornography

  Dear God, I ask Your help divine whenever I must go online.  I tell myself that I love “art,” their sculpted forms, my heavy heart. As I get lost in cyberspace and go from face to nameless face, behind each image, there’s a life, there’s someone’s husband, someone’s wife. Perhaps a son or daughter,... Read more »

How "The Pill" works as an Abortifacient

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I was on “The Pill” in the early 70’s for about two years.  I started having migraines so I went to the doctor.  He immediately took me off “The Pill.” I sat in stunned silence.  What were we supposed to use?  “We” meaning my fiance and me.  You see, I had a ring, but no... Read more »