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Happy Birthday Mary!

It is typical in the Church to celebrate a saint’s death-day instead of the saint’s birthday, for “the Church always argued that it was premature to celebrate a birthday because of the rest of the life of the person born on that day was subject to such ambiguity” (Pope Benedict XVI).  (I did not know... Read more »

The Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Prayer for the intercession of Pope John Paul II O Holy Trinity, we thank you for having given to the ChurchPope John Paul II,and for having made him shine with your fatherly tenderness,the glory of the Cross of Christ and the splendor of the Spirit of love He, trusting completely in your infinite mercyand in... Read more »

The Saints

Our church has a rich history of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  They’re called Saints.  As a people I think we discount ever becoming saints, but even St. Augustine said, “If they, why not I?  If these men and women could become saints, why cannot I with the help of Him who is all-powerful?”  Indeed!... Read more »