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What Gives Me Hope for the Catholic Church?

What gives me hope for the Catholic Church?  It’s certainly not stories like this one.  Or the many others that I come across either in print or on the internet. Those stories break my heart on many levels. A priest attacking a child has to be the worst form of evil. My emotions run from... Read more »

Archbishop Gomez Removes Cardinal Mahoney from His Duties in the Los Angeles Archdiocese

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles  has removed Cardinal Roger Mahoney from all public duties in the archdiocese as reported in the Los Angeles Times last night. Archbishop Gomez also sent out a statement concerning releasing the files of the priests in the Los Angeles diocese who were sexually abusing children. This scandal has been brewing since... Read more »

Can the Catholic Church Really Re-Evangelize Our Young People After the Scandal?

This picture of Alejandro Flores is a child’s worst nightmare.  And yes, that is a priest’s collar he’s wearing.  He was ordained despite continued evidence that he had a fondness for young boys.  The article in Sunday’s (November 20) Chicago Tribune will make you ill when reading it. After Mass Saturday, I picked up a... Read more »

The C-Word

I used to be a news hound.  I watched news show after news show until my eyes were bleary.  Slowly I got away from it and now I only watch a bit of the local news just to make sure Chicago is okay.  I read the newspaper online and in print.  I get emails from... Read more »