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The nine tools I use for prayer

When I found this article Five ways to pray outdoors, it reminded me how much I love to be outside, but it also made me think about the tools I need to enhance my prayer life. Here are the nine tools that I use for prayer: What tools do you use to enhance your prayer life?... Read more »

What kind of prayer life do you have?

What kind of prayer life do you have? Father Jonathan Morris says that most people struggle with their prayer life and it usually comes down to praying when things get bad or asking God for “things.” Though I pray daily, I am always conscious of asking God for anything for myself.  When it comes to... Read more »

5 Simple Ways to Deepen Your Prayer Life During Lent

Fr. Robert Barron has 5 simple ways to deepen your prayer life during Lent: Sometimes I think we complicate Lent.  At least I do. I over think it, over plan for it and take on way too many things that I never seem to accomplish. This year, I’m keeping it much simpler.  I dug deep... Read more »