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Cardinal Dolan Closes The Al Smith Dinner: God Bless the "Uns!"

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Yes!  God bless the “uns!”

The President and Mitt Romney Finally Have a Little Fun at the Al Smith Dinner in New York

The 2012 Presidential Debates, Sort of

Some of my favorite tweets and comments of the night: These were posted about the “drinking game” you see above: That’s too many rules for me. We just have 3 and it’s bad! Step four: pass out within 30 minutes and sleep peacefully through the rest of the coverage. I’d already be drunk and it... Read more »

The World Over - Mitt Romney interviewed by Raymond Arroyo

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I turned on the TV yesterday and an old Bonanza episode was about Mormons!  Later in the evening, I caught a few minutes of Rock Center (which was about … Mormons).  I was really impressed by their “food pantry/grocery store.” This is Raymond Arroyo’s interview with Mitt Romney.  I would love to see Obama interviewed... Read more »

Inviting the President to Dinner

Who knew that inviting the President of the United States to dinner would cause such an uproar?  Michael Voris is not the only one in a tizzy over this as many Catholic and pro-life activists are horrified that the President would be invited to the Al Smith dinner: “We cannot set aside our deeply-held differences... Read more »

A Comparison: The Life of Emily and The Life of Julia

One is real life.  The other is not.  Some people promote a fantasy while some of us are living in the real world. The Life of Emily: (Above picture is from Emily Stimpson’s blog.) vs. the Life of Julia:   (Above picture is from the Huffington Post.)