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An Internet Prayer About Pornography

  Dear God, I ask Your help divine whenever I must go online.  I tell myself that I love “art,” their sculpted forms, my heavy heart. As I get lost in cyberspace and go from face to nameless face, behind each image, there’s a life, there’s someone’s husband, someone’s wife. Perhaps a son or daughter,... Read more »

Are We Really Selling Our Souls to Mark Zuckerman?

Reading the Tribune’s article about whether we are selling our souls to Mark Zuckerberg got me thinking about Facebook in general.  I think it’s pretty funny that people are complaining and threatening to shut down their accounts when, uh, the service is free! I wouldn’t be on Facebook if I wasn’t doing this blog, so I’m kind... Read more »

The Taste of Gossip

Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight. Proverbs 19:17 Gossip and gossiping are everywhere:  magazines, tabloids and the internet are filled with who is doing what to whom and why.  In our every day life it will come closer to home if you let it. Gossip can... Read more »