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What Do Women Really Want?

Sr. Helena Burns explains what women really want.

An Internet Prayer About Pornography

  Dear God, I ask Your help divine whenever I must go online.  I tell myself that I love “art,” their sculpted forms, my heavy heart. As I get lost in cyberspace and go from face to nameless face, behind each image, there’s a life, there’s someone’s husband, someone’s wife. Perhaps a son or daughter,... Read more »

Why I'm Not Going To See Magic Mike at the Movies or Read the Book Fifty Shades of Grey

Let’s talk about sex.  I know, I know, we don’t want to talk about it, especially Catholics!  But it’s everywhere especially now that Magic Mike has hit the theaters and the book Fifty Shades of Grey has been the book du jour for quite some time now. The book and the movie have been described as... Read more »

The Journey of a Seminarian

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If you’ve ever wondered about the journey of the seminarian just watch this video from the Youth Leadership Conference in June performed by the Joliet Diocese Seminarians. I found this video on Hell Burns, a blog written by Sr. Helena Burns, FSP.  

How "The Pill" works as an Abortifacient

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I was on “The Pill” in the early 70’s for about two years.  I started having migraines so I went to the doctor.  He immediately took me off “The Pill.” I sat in stunned silence.  What were we supposed to use?  “We” meaning my fiance and me.  You see, I had a ring, but no... Read more »