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Six Things Catholics Must Do This Political Season

JMJ   Six Important Things Catholics Must Do this Political Season by Deacon Mike Bickerstaff First and foremost, be at peace; God remains in control. Remain in His love. Be joyful and faithful ambassadors for Christ. Pray daily for your own conversion, for moral truth to guide our nation and its leaders, and for the... Read more »

Religious Liberty: Obamacare's First Casualty

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Please watch the video and then read Fr. Joahnnes Jacobse’s here which accompanies the video. Watching the news the night Obamacare was passed, I didn’t hear one word on any of the news stations about the impact on the Catholic Church except of course on Raymond Arroyo’s show on EWTN. Perhaps, as Catholics we should take... Read more »

Human Life International's Statement on the Supreme Court Decision on the Individual Mandate of Obamacare

The following is a statement from Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International, in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling today, which upheld the Affordable Care Act mandate requiring almost all citizens to purchase health insurance, defining the mandate to purchase insurance as a “tax.” “Today’s ruling is confusing and very disappointing,... Read more »

Stand Up for Religious Freedom!

“I would have loved for the Supreme Court to have put the HHS Mandate controversy to rest by overturning the entire Obamacare law today. But that would have been the easy way out. “Today’s ruling means that the grassroots protests of the HHS Mandate will continue. The more than 200 local leaders raised up all across... Read more »

Today the Supreme Court Will Decide on Obamacare

Dignitatis Humane is the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom: The religious acts whereby men, in private and in public and out of a sense of personal conviction, direct their lives to God transcend by their very nature the order of terrestrial and temporal affairs.  Government therefore ought indeed to take account of the... Read more »

"To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit"

And that’s not all she said!  Read this eye-opening article here. Growing up in the era when “The Pill” was first introduced and Roe V. Wade was passed, I had no idea who this woman was and didn’t care. I do now. Funny isn’t it, that she’s rarely mentioned?