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The Witch Hunt of Our Priests: The Catholic Church Becomes a Money Spigot

I originally posted this yesterday, but thought it was important enough to re-post.  Friday’s post won’t be nearly as serious, I promise! The priest scandal that has plagued the Catholic Church for years has gotten out of hand.  The organization called SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) has gone from a much needed... Read more »

Bill Maher And The Catholic Church

It came to my attention through a News Feed that Bill Maher decided to ridicule the Catholic Church the other day.  I read the article and watched the video.  I wish I hadn’t.  I can’t imagine what the victims and their families might think if they saw it.  For me, it was like a knife thrust in my... Read more »

The C-Word

I used to be a news hound.  I watched news show after news show until my eyes were bleary.  Slowly I got away from it and now I only watch a bit of the local news just to make sure Chicago is okay.  I read the newspaper online and in print.  I get emails from... Read more »

Giving A Book of Faith

One of my favorite things to do is read.  Since I’ve gotten an eReader I read a lot more.  I’ve even read things that I didn’t think would interest me and got surprised. Sometimes after reading a lot of fiction, I feel compelled to read for my soul.  I try to pick up things by... Read more »

The Catholic View for Women ... Really!

When Oprah announced that she was quitting after 25 years and moving on to her “own” network, I wasn’t upset.  I watched a couple of her shows this season, but for the most part, I stopped watching her a long time ago.  I read a few of her book club selections, but after throwing one... Read more »