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Kaitlyn is Being Catholic ... Really

My name is Kaitlyn and I’m in second grade at Mackeben Elementary School.  In RE (religious education), I learn how to be Catholic in many ways.  I will tell you some ways.  You can pray to Jesus and Mary and Joseph.  They can help you fix your problems.  If you believe in them, they will talk to you.  When you are... Read more »

A Letter To Kaitlyn on Her First Communion

Dear Kaitlyn, Today is the big day!  You’ve planned your party (well, maybe your mom did!), picked out your dress, had your hair and pictures done.  All the “outwardly” signs.  You’ve done the “inside” stuff as well.  You’ve gone to church, attended classes, studied and talked about your faith. When you walk down the aisle... Read more »