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Facebook has lost its dirty mind

Facebook has lost its dirty mind
Recently, I got warnings on my Being Catholic … Really page that my post was taken down for “adult sexual solicitation.” The photo in question was a cartoon/drawing of a large coffee cup. People were running off a cliff and jumping into it. The title was, “Monday.” My caption was “Anyone want to join me?,”... Read more »

Tis the season to be merry

Macy's featured decorations from past Marshall Field's windows.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this black and white photo from the year of my birth!
Tis the season to be merry!  Or is it?  The world appears to have gone crazy with accusations of all kinds.  Some examples from my Facebook newsfeed: “If you disagree with me about (fill in the blank) you can unfriend me now!” (I wish I got money every time I read this one.) “You must be... Read more »

How to use Facebook for prayer

                How to use Facebook for Prayer, an article written by Annie Turner for Busted Halo caught my attention right away. There are days when I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook.  I have to admit that I don’t pay a lot of attention to my friends’... Read more »

Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?

Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?  My boss and I had this discussion the other day.  Fortunately, we both agree that we will not be friends on Facebook. We’ve both seen our names in the “people you may know” on our news feeds.  I have no idea how Facebook knew that we knew... Read more »

If Joseph and Mary Had Facebook

Here is a sweet take on an old story told in a modern way.

The 2012 Presidential Debates, Sort of

Some of my favorite tweets and comments of the night: These were posted about the “drinking game” you see above: That’s too many rules for me. We just have 3 and it’s bad! Step four: pass out within 30 minutes and sleep peacefully through the rest of the coverage. I’d already be drunk and it... Read more »

Author, Blogger, Writer ... Whatever, Lord Just Help Me!

The Writer’s Prayer   Open my mind, Lord. Grant me the talent to write with clarity and style, so my words go down rich and smooth, like fine wine, and leave my reader thirsty for more. Open my heart, Lord. Grant me the sensitivity to understand my characters–their hopes, their wants, their dreams–and help me... Read more »

What Does Facebook Consider Spam?

“Oh, Marti. Think of biology. Sex is pleasurable and good… because nature wants people to have children! It’s why food is good, too… so that we have life! But to separate the unitive part of sex from the procreative is just plain wrong. They go together. They are meant to be together. The baby making... Read more »

Navigating My New Smart Phone

                        I no longer have a dumb phone.  After years of salivating over the iPhone, I waited till my upgrade, and snagged a deal at Best Buy.  $50! So now what do I do?  My phone has always been just my phone.  I never... Read more »

Silence and Word

          From PromoteCatholicism.NewEvangelizers.com: On Wednesday, May 23, we’re asking you to take a one-day break from posting on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc. … and use that day to reflect on the Pope’s words about the role of silence in communication and evangelization. Then, on Thursday, May 24, please... Read more »