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The story of the Christmas ornaments

Our first Christmas together.  It's where it all began.
We all have the story of the Christmas ornaments.  Just take a look at your tree and you will see the ornaments you’ve accumulated over the years.  The ornaments tell the story of the lives we’ve formed together. I used to have a lot of the old glass ornaments that belonged to my parents, but... Read more »

Tis the season to be merry

Macy's featured decorations from past Marshall Field's windows.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this black and white photo from the year of my birth!
Tis the season to be merry!  Or is it?  The world appears to have gone crazy with accusations of all kinds.  Some examples from my Facebook newsfeed: “If you disagree with me about (fill in the blank) you can unfriend me now!” (I wish I got money every time I read this one.) “You must be... Read more »

Christmas Day and the Emergency Room

On Christmas day no one plans on going to the Emergency Room.  But I guess that’s why it’s called the Emergency Room. Number One son cut his finger.  Cut it bad.  On Sunday.  I had no idea he had done it and by Christmas morning, he was in pain and frustrated at his own efforts... Read more »

Serving One Master

No servant can serve two masters. – Luke 16:13 In the early stages of my conversion a woman asked me if I followed my daily horoscope.  My answer was pretty simple.  No.  I used to read it every day, but after a while, I just got bored with it and after converting, there was no... Read more »

Goodbye Christmas!

Christmas is over.  We’ve bid adieu to the Magi and we’re headed for that period in ordinary liturgical time. I sit here drinking what will probably be the last of the egg nog (nectar of the gods!). *sigh* The new year has already brought change.  At work we are embarking on a new system.  Everyone... Read more »

It's Still Christmas, Isn't It?

Christmas technically isn’t over until January 8, the Epiphany, but even today, I’m asking myself, “Where did the time go?” Christmas is one of those holidays that has been stretched out for months.  The retail world, hungry for sales in a sluggish economy, has hammered Christmas shopping into our psyches since September. Then the day... Read more »

There Are Still Christmas Miracles

In a recent post I talked about an acquaintance of mine who was coldly told by her doctor she may have lung cancer.  I saw her Saturday and she was all smiles.  Her son talked her into getting a second opinion and after extensive testing the diagnosis is not cancer.  But what she told me next... Read more »

WARNING: Depressing Article on Christmas Family Traditions!

I know it’s the season to be “merry,” but while trimming the tree yesterday, I had some ugly memories of Christmases past.  My parents fought over the tree every year.  It was ridiculous.  Each year though, I would try to look forward to putting up the tree and decorating it.  I was always hopeful that... Read more »

Conspiring to Change the World, One Advent at a Time

I love to shop.  I love to shop for other people and for myself.  I love to be in the store and I love to be online shopping.  Online shopping has been winning in the last few years.  It saves on gas, first and foremost, and sometimes shopping online gives me the opportunity to compare... Read more »


It seems like five minutes after Christmas “officially” ends, the stores start taking down the decorations and putting the clearance signs up for the Christmas related products.  It’s sad really.  Months of planning and preparation come to an abrupt end.  Maybe it’s because people are worn out by it all and they’re just glad it’s... Read more »