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Pentecost Sunday in Two Minutes and Happy Birthday to the Catholic Church

Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Catholic Church.  As we celebrate that and the descent of the Holy Spirit, let’s keep this in mind: If we want the world to take Catholicism seriously, we must first take it seriously ourselves. That means making radical changes to the ways we live our lives. We need... Read more »

What Gives Me Hope for the Catholic Church?

What gives me hope for the Catholic Church?  It’s certainly not stories like this one.  Or the many others that I come across either in print or on the internet. Those stories break my heart on many levels. A priest attacking a child has to be the worst form of evil. My emotions run from... Read more »

The Leadership of the Catholic Church Lacks Proper Faith in Jesus Christ

“The leadership of the church lacks proper faith in Jesus Christ. They’re not living in a sense an evangelical life of poverty, chastity and obedience. They’re not living a radical life of devotion to the poor and the outcast and the marginal. They’re too concerned with worldly things. Now they’ve picked the man Francis who... Read more »