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Cardinal George Refused Communion to a Gay Activist

Cardinal George refused Communion to a gay activist, but the lesbian cantor gave it to him anyway.  Yes you read that right. Joe Murray, is the activist who was refused.  He is the founder of the US Rainbow Sash Movement and attended the Archdiocesan’s Gay and Lesbian Outreach’s (AGLO) 25th anniversary liturgy held at Our Lady of... Read more »

Cardinal George Urges Parishioners to Oppose Gay Marriage

On January 1, Cardinal George issued a letter urging parishioners to contact their legislators and voice opposition to gay marriage.  You can read the short article in the Chicago Tribune here. Though the topic might be a politically touchy subject, opposition to it by Roman Catholic leaders should not be a surprise.  The surprising part... Read more »

Prayers for Our Shepherd

Please pray for Cardinal George and the people of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  You can read Cardinal George’s column for this weekend here. Today’s Collect: O God, who brought Saint Louis from the cares of earthly rule to the glory of a heavenly realm, grant, we pray, through his intercession, that, by fulfilling our duties on... Read more »