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The End is Near! Life as We Know it Ends ...

On March 30th.  It’s the day me and some of the ChicagoNow bloggers will be freaking out.  Why?  Facebook has decided to convert all pages to it’s new “timeline.” I “previewed” my Being Catholic … Really page the other day and just about died!  First of all, it’s way too busy on the eyes and... Read more »

On Writing and Ranting

“What I don’t understand, Stevie,” she said, “is why you’d write junk like this in the first place.  You’re talented.  Why do you want to waste your abilities?”  She had rolled up a copy of V.I.B. #1 and was brandishing it at me the way a person might brandish a rolled-up newspaper at a dog... Read more »

Cowards Behind Keyboards: the Blogger Bullies

Lately there seems to have been a surge in the bullying of  bloggers.  Apparently a few of my colleagues (one in particular) have been experiencing some serious verbal attacks from people hiding behind a keyboard. When I first started writing, I got a lot of negative comments from someone who not only called the Catholic Church... Read more »

Pray for Me!

Today marks the launch of ChicagoNow’s new blog web site.  To be honest, I’m a little nervous.  I just got used to the old system (barely) and now I’m learning something different.  Good for my brain, bad for my nerves! Apparently there are no saints for bloggers (yet), so I’m relying on your prayers to... Read more »

A Blogger's Venting

I read a lot of blogs.  Not all of them Catholic.  Some are thoughtful, funny, inspirational and some I just don’t get.  I don’t like celebrities so I rarely read a blog with a celebrity’s name in the headline.  I have come across blogs with great titles only to find that the author has strayed... Read more »