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How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice: A Book by Austen Ivereigh

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I need to read this book.  😉

The God Box

I recently got an iPhone after thinking about it for years.  My kids had to show me how to use it and I’m getting the hang of it. As anyone who has an iPhone or android phone knows, it’s all about the “Apps.”  One of the apps I came across is called The God Box... Read more »

The Heart of Reconciliation

As I sat down to write a post about today’s Gospel, I opened up my June Magnificat to find Caryll Houselander’s amazing essay. She put into words what I could not about relationships that I struggle with.  I immediately downloaded one of her books for free at Barnes & Noble, entitled “A Rocking Horse Catholic.”  (Picture... Read more »

Voice of a Saint: Teresa of Avila

A friend was surprised to find St. Teresa gorging herself on a partridge.  “What would people think?” she asked.  “Let them think whatever they want,” said Teresa.  “There’s a time for penance, and there’s a time for partridge.” There’s no doubt St. Teresa was practical in living a Christian lifestyle.  A girl’s gotta do what... Read more »

St. Teresa of Avila

In the February 2 editon of the National Catholic Register I was pleased to read an article by Cindy Wooden that Pope Benedict XVI is going to focus on women doctors of the church for his general audience.  I think the world needs to see the role of women in the Catholic church, but I... Read more »

Super Bowl Sunday? Ronald Reagan's Birthday? ... Not Really

I know that today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday and that’s it’s Super Bowl Sunday (GO STEELERS!), but what really matters today is it’s the birthday of someone very special to me.  Number 1 son was born 27 years ago today.  He weighed 9 lbs and 4 oz.  Thanks to him, his brother and sister have... Read more »