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Ash Wednesday and Lent in Two Minutes

It will only take two minutes of your time for Busted Halo to explain Ash Wednesday and Lent. Join me and other Catholics (and some who are not!) on my Facebook page and on Twitter.

Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes

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In case you need a short explanation of why you’re walking around with a black smudge on your forehead.  😉

Lent is Serious: This Time of Forty Days by Nick Alexander

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Lent is serious business.  It is a time of sacrifice and looking deep within.  It is walking through the desert, like our Lord did, while being tempted by the very things we are trying to give up.  No meat, no sweets, being nice to those who are not nice to us.  Perhaps venturing out of... Read more »

Statement of Santa Cruz Media Inc. on Fr. John Corapi

In a statement released by Santa Cruz Media Inc. (the company who owns Fr. John Corapi DVD’s, CD’s and books), a light was shed on the circumstances surrounding accusations that Father was taking drugs and having sexual relationships with women.  Can you say “former employee?” After losing her job with the company, a woman assaulted two employees of Santa... Read more »

Give Up Charlie Sheen For Lent!

Today is Ash Wednesday and I propose that we all give up Charlie Sheen for Lent!  What do you think?  For forty days no more interviews, twitters, goddesses, and proclamations of self-cures by an obviously drugged and deluded brain!  The real tragedy is that one day his children will Google their dad’s name and wonder... Read more »