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From Atheist to Catholic: Jennifer Fulwiler's Minor Revisions

Jennifer Fulwiler writes for the National Catholic Register and also writes the blog Conversion Diary.

And if You Don't Forgive Me, I'll Understand

Dear Mommy, I’m very sorry for talking back.  I love you … Please forgive me.  And if you don’t, I understand. Love B I found this note while cleaning some dresser drawers.  A note from my daughter written in bright red permanent marker.  A sticky note was attached to it, a hasty, makeshift piece of... Read more »

The New Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice

“It’s all about a sadistic Catholic nun and people who abuse and torture people in a Catholic asylum,” said Bill Donohue of The Catholic League about the new television show entitled:  American Horror Story:  Asylum. And it’s also about the acceptable practice of being prejudicial towards the Catholic Church.  Have you heard about the “PISS CHRIST?” Andres... Read more »

The Power of a Mother's Prayers

When my kids were younger, and they had done something wrong, I would tell them, “NEVER underestimate the power of my prayers!”  They would give me these very quizzical looks with just a bit of fear in their eyes.  I don’t think they really understood what that meant, but I always had St. Monica in... Read more »

When You Bring Children To Mass

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My boys are 13 months and one day apart!  Keeping them quiet during Mass could be a real challenge!  My husband and I used to sit near a door in case we had to make a quick exit if one of them got too rambunctious. How do you get your kids to behave in church?

How to keep gangbangers away from your kids

                    What we know about the parents of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, comes to us through the apocryphal gospels: Anne and Joachim are informed separately by an angel that God has blessed their union and that their unborn child will be the Mother... Read more »

A Letter from a Daughter to Her Father on Father's Day

Dear Daddy, I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much and I am so grateful to be blessed with you as my Dad. I admire everything you do.  By far you are the most influential person in my life.  You set your goals high and you accomplish them no matter... Read more »

A Different Kind of Mother's Day Prayer

Dearest Mother, You came to me through your Son, quietly and gently.  You let me know that the years I endured with my earthly mother meant something.  That my suffering was not in vain and had a purpose. The layers of hurt, rage and grief were carefully peeled away to expose the mother I had... Read more »

Parenting With A Parachute and Trying Not to Drink and Swear

Time magazine, in all it’s infinite wisdom decided to put this picture on it’s cover.  Let the “mommy wars” begin! Here on ChicagoNow, we have a lot of Parenting blogs.  Everything you’ve always wanted to know about raising kids can be found right here and just a click away. I don’t read these blogs often.  Not because I... Read more »