The eyes are the windows to the soul especially during COVID

The eyes are the windows to the soul especially during COVID

There’s an old saying that we’ve all heard during our lifetime that “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” That has become more apparent now that we’ve been wearing masks for two years.

It was only recently that I’ve noticed peoples’ eyes. The first time was when talking with a priest who’s brother was seriously ill. Father had asked the congregation to pray for his brother. The sadness in Father’s eyes was heartbreaking. Christmas looked broken and without joy through those eyes.

About a week later, I asked the priest how his brother was doing. His eyes lit up like the headlights of a car and he proclaimed his brother was much better! There would be a joyous Christmas for these two brothers after all.

While speaking with another priest I know, I saw something completely different. The first thing was tiredness and then sadness. He related the story of how a family had begged him to go to the hospital to give last rites to a loved one who was dying. The hospital said no, but finally allowed the priest to stand outside the glass door of the ICU to give the person the last rites. The family was not allowed to accompany him.

Relayed in those priest’s eyes, was the challenges of trying to minister to the flock when contact is limited. In those eyes was the disappointment he felt because he had to cancel events that everyone looked forward to. In those eyes was a sorrow that was hard to define.

Recently I spoke with a priest who was a “floater.” He traveled to many parishes and nursing homes to fill in wherever there was a need.

He looked a lot younger than his 60 or so years. The only sign of any aging was the slight greying of his hair. He was happy to be at this particular parish. He hadn’t been there since before the pandemic.

As I observed him throughout Mass, I noticed his strong and steady voice. His eyes had a steadiness, too with a glint of hope. I also saw determination in his eyes.

Let’s pray for our priests:

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