Traveling to Chicago

Traveling to Chicago
Fourth Presbyterian Church at Michigan and Delaware. Photo by Pam Spano copyright 2021

After what seemed like an endless pandemic and a brutal winter, Chicago is opening!  Outdoor activities, restaurants, worship sites, retail stores and museums are awaiting an eager public.  Myself included.

Last year was filled with disappointments from the deaths of friends and family to the cancellations of travel.  Despite that, I felt blessed.  Immediate family and I were safe and healthy and had the freedom to go out to worship and enjoy the outdoors.

Finally a trip came about!  I was traveling to Chicago! The BFF came from out of town and we stayed at a hotel downtown.  I’ve lived in this city all my life, but on this “trip” I felt like I was seeing it for the first time.  Going to the museums, visiting restaurants and shops felt oddly alien.  I had to think about directions and where the streets were.  My Ventra card was blowing up as the BFF and I traveled from one end of Michigan Avenue to another and beyond.

The weather was good and the city sparkled.  People smiled and conversations with strangers flowed.

Then it was over.  The BFF was taken to the airport and I was home again.  I unpacked my suitcase with a fresh attitude and in anticipation of the next trip.  A visit to New York City with my daughter is coming up next and an almost normal feeling swept over me.

If you are traveling this year, may St. Christopher watch over you and your companions.  If you are rediscovering where you live, I pray your trip brings you a new found appreciation of what was already around you.

Be blessed and keep the faith!

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