My memories of 2020

On Thanksgiving my editor over at published my article My Top Ten Blessings of 2020.  To some, it may have been a bit premature, but considering how this year has been going, I felt by November, nothing was going to top the number one blessing on my list.

In October, I wrote about my Facebook Memories During a Pandemic (also for  That was painful to write.  Two more people that I knew have died since writing that article.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my focus has been on keeping a positive attitude, keeping the faith and keeping my sanity.  Taking photos has been therapeutic.  I look at them and remember that there were good times and positive experiences despite being cooped up for months.

I share with you here my memories of 2020.

Let me offer you a Christmas Blessing:

May all the days

Of all the years

That God has still in store

Be filled with every joy 

And grace

To bless you more and more;

May hope of heart

And peace of mind

Beside you ever stay,

And that’s the golden

Wish I have

For you, this 

Christmas Day!

Stay safe, stay healthy and always keep the faith!

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