Be grateful that you're bored during the COVID-19 pandemic

Be grateful that you're bored during the COVID-19 pandemic

The other night, as I began my prayers, I hesitated for a moment.  Then I prayed:

Thank you Lord, for my being bored today.

The reason I prayed that was because I realized I had the opportunity to be bored.  I woke up that morning, got dressed, walked my daughter’s dog, did the dishes, did the laundry, worked on my latest crochet project.  It doesn’t sound boring does it?  It is when that routine is on repeat daily.  We’re all in the Ground Hog Day movie.

Before the COVID 1-9 virus (Coronavirus) pandemic hit, my routine wouldn’t be that much different except that when I got bored, I would head out on the bus and train to a museum and meet a friend for a little cultural enrichment.  If a friend or relative wasn’t available, I would go by myself.  I’m an only child.  I can do “all by myself” really well.

I’m grateful for the boredom because I actually wake up every morning to be bored.  My family, extended family and friends are all healthy.

So if you’re bored, be grateful that you’re bored during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It means you have another day to live on repeat.


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